He was born in Ragusa 6/6/1961. He obtained his degrees at the faculty of architecture of the university of Palermo in 1986.
He gained his first professional activities running construction sites for building companies until 1986, when in 1989 he decided to start a freelance profession. He opened an architect’s office in Ragusa and began a varied and full programme working in all fields of design and planning: public and private works, road planning, lighting, sport facilities followed, but it is in the reclaiming of buildings and in architectural restoration where he has had the most interesting and formative experiences.

In twenty years of professional activity he has achieved a considerable experience in the field of architectural restoration and the reclaiming of buildings due to the continual relationship between fieldwork and research. His regular presence in the yards and his professional training characterized by numerous specializations, as well as from teaching and recognitions, complete his professional profile of designer able to work on plans that range from fine detail up to an urban scale.

1992 - Member of the "Commission to the nomination of the testing terns and the visa of the fees" of the Order of Architects of the Province of Ragusa.

1992-1997 - Member of the building commision of the Municipality of Ragusa.

1994 - Joined the board of FEDERARCHITETTI (National Union party of freelancers adherent to Confedertecnica).

1994 to Date - Part of the Fifth Mediterranean Commission of Comenius Conference (International Association and the Permanent Work Group for the Promotion of the cultural centrality, of the enhancement of the resources and Quality of Life in the Mediterranean area).

In 2002 he founded AUXILIA srl, now Studio Floridia srl, a company where he is assisted by a team of young professionals able to follow the entire project, from the consultation, to the planning, to the direction of the building site.

2005 - Elected Adviser of the Order of Architects of the Province of Ragusa.

In 2005, with a group of professionals coming from the academic world and from scientific research, he founded G4Europe: European group of Economic Concern, with which he collaborates in the office in Coimbra.

9 June 2006 - Recognition "100 Excellent 2006" attributed to the restoration project of the Theater "Donnafugata".

25-28 October 2006 - Exibitor at the International Fair Denkmal of Lipsia in Germany as the italian representative in the field of Restoration, Conservation of Mouments and Urban Restoration.

Since 2007 he has been active in Milan and soon after in New York in association with architect Anthony Morali Director of the New York Society of Architects and Director of IREO (Renowable International Energy Organization of United Nations).

2009 - Elected Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Regional Association of the Order of Architects of Sicily.

2009 - Elected Vice President of the Order of the Architects of the Province of Ragusa.

2009 - Elected President of the Provincial Chamber of the Tourism Sector of the Employer’s federations of Ragusa (Confidustria).

2009 - Italian Delegate to UMAR (Union of Mediterranean Architects).

In March 2010 he was a member of the judging committee for the International Competition for ideas for the reallocation of use of the ex Palazzo Ina of Ragusa and the urban landscaping of Piazza San Giovanni.

1-4 June 2010 - Exibitor and Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Regional Association of the Order of Architects of Sicily at the Fair "Project Lebanon".

18-24 October 2010 (Riyadh, KSA) - Exibitor and Head of the Foreign of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Regional Associations of the Order of Architects of Sicily at the Fair "Saudi Build"

18-23 January 2011 - On the occasion of the International Executive Board Meeting of the Architects held in Beirut, he is appointed as Coordinator for the World Congress of Architects in Tokyo on September 2011 for all the mediterranean Countries.

Roberto Floridia architect