Donnafugata theatre. award "100 eccellenze" - Ragusa Ibla 23 June 2006

The Donnafugata theatre is listed amongst the 100 excellent projects of 2006 , selected by Eurispes in Italy.
In the report drawn up by the Institute of Political, Economical and Social Studies the most significant institutions and businesses were chosen in Italy, in relation to the areas in which they operate. The report titled "Nostra Eccellenza" was made official on 9th June in Viterbo. The small theatre dating from the end of the eighteenth century, is the pride of the Scucces De Leva family. The jewel encased in the architectural sedateness of the magnificent Palazzo Donnafugata, is today at the heart of the old baroque quarter…."

The discerning restoration work was carried out with the greatest respect for the antiquity of the area, faithfully interpreting taste, culture and style, with the purpose of recreating for the audience a harmonious atmosphere, from the structure of the 19th century theatre itself ….. the theatre is the tool of the improvement, formation and development of artistic sensitiveness and cultural resources…."
(Article taken from "Giornale di Sicilia" 21 June 2006: entrepreneurial reality in Italy Donnafugata Theatre amongst the greatest").